We consult on tax issues

We consult on tax issues

Tax and accounting legislation is not a fixed thing. They change and are updated frequently. In order to manage bookkeeping successfully and with high quality, it is necessary to constantly follow innovations, to update both theoretical and practical knowledge. Often when faced with innovations in tax laws, questions arise as to how to apply all this in practice. Inrista LT, UAB will help you not to get lost in tax accounting. We provide professional advice on your tax and accounting issues simply and clearly.

We advise both legal entities and individuals.

We consult legal persons on the following issues:

  • tax issues
  • regarding tax benefits
  • tax calculation, declaration and application of other tax procedures
  • accounting matters
  • payroll accounting issues
  • personnel administration issues
  • issues of choosing a business form when starting a new business
  • company establishment and liquidation issues

We consult individuals on the following issues:

  • personal income tax
  • VAT
  • issues of filling out annual statements
  • real estate tax
  • social insurance and other tax matters
  • issues of choosing a business form when starting a new business
  • company establishment issues


Answer: accounting services provide several important benefits such as:

  • Providing expert consultations and professional information on accounting issues.
  • Saving time and resources - we perform many financial functions such as tax returns, financial document processing, filling and submission.
  • The risk of errors is minimized, experienced accountants ensure that legal acts and document storage and management procedures are properly followed.
  • The possibility of receiving information about the company's financial situation (income, expenses, profit).

Answer: the following documents are required:

  • Permits and other documents of the company's registered activity.
  • Accounts, reports and data on monetary transactions.
  • Employment contracts and payment documents if the company employs more than one person.
  • Invoices, cash receipts orders, copies of other financial documents.

Answer: Filing your tax returns is an important part of the process. Here are some important things you should know:

  • Timing: Tax returns are usually due at a certain time after the end of the reporting period.
  • Data accuracy: Before submitting the return, it is necessary to check that all tax data is correct and accurate.
  • Legal compliance: Tax returns must comply with applicable laws and regulations, so it's important to stay up-to-date with the latest changes.

Answer: We can provide various reports on the financial status of your company. This may include:

  • Profit and loss statements.
  • Balance sheets.
  • Income and expense reports.
  • Tax reports and declarations.
  • Other customized reports according to your needs.

Answer: The prices of accounting services may vary depending on various factors, the size of the company, the amount of services, and the complexity of operations are affected. In order to receive more detailed and complete information, we recommend you to contact us.

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